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Canine Allergy: Recurring Skin, Ear & Gut Conditions

After watching this course you will spend less time trying to figure out your pet's allergies, spend less time at the Vet, and will be armed with the information to help you pet be happy and healthy.

Here's what you'll get:

  • Part 1 Introduction – the proof your dogs recurring skin, ear and/or gut condition is food-related.
  • Part 2 Allergy versus intolerance. The word allergy is bandied around too much today. 
  • Part 3 Dysbiosis and leaky gut. At the heart of the issue is an unsettled gut flora. This creates huge amounts of inflammation in dog. 
  • Part 4 Why kibble doesn’t work. From ultra-processed proteins to poor quality fat to chemicals preservatives and mycotoxins, we have all the studies we need to show us that chemically preserved, ultra-processed kibbe plays no role in the recovery of these dogs.
  • Part 5 Poor veterinary advice. Dietary advice such as kibble and “chicken and rice” when your dog is sick are not the only incorrect bits of veterinary advice in such dogs. 
  • Part 6 Food allergy tests. Unfortunately, desperate for some direction, lots of owners in this situation waste good money on bad allergy tests. 
  • Part 7 What to do. The solution to your dogs woes is actually quite simple. It involved a simple diet which we add to every couple of weeks. 
  • Part 8 Natural solutions for issues resulting from food sensitivity. Here we run through the top tips for recurring skin issues, hot spots, itch and bad ears. 

What People Are Saying:

I wish I took this course before spending thousands at the vets. Thank you Dr. Brady, forever grateful.

Matt - California

Symptoms are 99% gone...and his coat is almost back to show quality. We are now back at practice!

Chritiane - Netherlands

It has now been 15 months without a blip. He's put on more weight, feeling good and with nearly perfect poos.

Shelia - U.K.

Herbie was diagnosed with atrophy, he was on tablets that cost €295 for 15 and which were most likely going to lead to organ problems down the road. As you can see from the photos, Herbie was eating his paws constantly, so much of the fur had gone and they were red raw. Thankfully, after discussing it with Conor and the changed was very quick. Now, after a year of your advice you can see the difference. I recommend you to any owners of itchy dogs. They will not regret it