€39,95 EUR

AFFCO & The “Complete” Myth

If you are currently feeding or recommending people feed, ultraprocessed “complete” pet food, or simply anyone that believes a “complete” meal is possible (do you know what that might be in humans, asides breast milk?!) then this seminar is a must-see. AAFCO set the guidelines but too few know who AAFCO are nor have interrogated these guidelines. We go through each nutrient in detail, detailing the many concerns with this approach to feeding dogs, and finish with an analysis of how well pet foods, both dry and raw are doing in terms of their “completeness” and solutions about how you might achieve balance in your own dog using real food.

The course lasts 70 minutes and costs €29.95. You will receive Chapter 19 of my book Feeding Dogs which not only includes the references used but segways into the role governments are happy to play in the debacle, focusing on the recent DCM scandal in the US. We also include slides upon beginning the course and a certificate at the end!

This course is laid out as follows:

Part 1 Introduction – Who are AAFCO / FEDIAF?

Part 2 The Issues with the AAFCO Feed Guidelines – We cover the science behind the new minimum protein levels fed to dogs as well as the carbohydrate myth. We examine what the difference between synthetic and natural vitamins and mineral in terms of absorption and bioavailability and reveal the woefully inadequate science used to back up these feed guidelines.

Part 3 How Well are Products Adhering (and What to do) – The fallacy that pet food can be complete at all is revealed by large-scale, independent tests of UK and US complete pet foods as well as blood analysis of dogs consuming the stuff long term. We finish on a positive note – how we achieve balance in the fresh fed dog.