A Masterclass in Feeding Dogs

(by the guy that wrote the book!) 

Dry food sales are now plummeting, thankfully, as studies show feeding dogs real food is incredibly beneficial to their health.

However, the problem is there's an enormous amount of confusing information online, not helped by the fact the dry food manufacturers and, sadly, our veterinary institutions, which they cash sponsor, are not going to go quietly. 

The result is a mish-mash of good info peppered among a sea of authoritative-sounding sites preaching fire and brimstone if you do it wrong - as if any of us know how much magnesium our kids need, let alone where they get it from!

Allow me to set the record straight. With many years at the coal face, I offer you not only accurate, reliable, up-to-date information but simplicity because the truth is feeding dogs is as easy as feeding yourself...just more meat!

What you will learn in this 3.5hr course:

Section 1 Introduction

🥩  Carnivore or omnivore?

🥩  Studies showing benefit 

🥩  Changes you can expect

Section 2 How to do it

🥩  Where do I start?!

🥩  Choosing a good pre-made

🥩  DIY, start to finish

🥩  Power additions 

🥩  How to feed raw bones (FREE below)

🥩  The great plant debate

🥩  How to feed cooked diets

Section 3 Raw FAQ

🥩  Introducing his new diet

🥩  How often to feed them

🥩  How do I achieve balance?

🥩  Meat sourcing ideas

🥩  Picky dogs 

🥩  Raw v dry safety

🥩  Mixing raw and dry

🥩  Is pork OK?

Section 4 The next stage...

🥩  Best treats

🥩  Which supplements?!

🥩  Raw feeding pups

🥩  Raw feeding mums

🥩  Raw feeding seniors

🥩  Raw feeding cats

🥩  Saving cash

🥩  Raw on the move!

🥩  What is the best dry?

🥩  Best water & water therapy

🥩  Dealing with vets

Lets Get Started!

Feeding Dogs is the top-rated manual on canine nutrition... 

I'm very proud to say Feeding Dogs remains the top-rated manual on canine nutrition today (as per Amazon reviews, 4.9/5, and sites such as Book Authority where books are evaluated and ranked based on criteria such as "expert recommendations, user reviews, reader sentiment, popularity, among a number of other data points").

Taking 10 years to write, the book is enormous. Over 4 sections, 520 pages and using more than 1200 scientific references, I lay out what your dog needs to eat, why dry food and the indeed the veterinary sector is failing them so badly and finally, how to feed dogs yourself to maximise health.

However, it's safe to say the book is an undertaking, more for the canine nutrition nerds. Most of the market today wants the baby, not the birth, which is fair enough. That's why I created this course!

Let's go!

Watch 15mins of the course for FREE below...

Here's just one of the sections from the whole lecture - why you need to feed raw meaty bones to your dog, the do's and don'ts!



Two chapters from my book!

As well as ALL the slides used in this course (I use a lot over the 3.5hrs, slides are provided 3 to a page with a note section in pdf) anyone buying this course will be given two chapters from my book ("What the ideal dog diet might look like" and "how do DIY") free of charge which contain even more information that I may have missed in this course. 

Dr Brady's Money-Back Guarantee

I’m so confident this is the best course out there that if you are not happy, like my supplements, I will return EVERY PENNY IMMEDIATELY. No questions! Only happy clients here. 

Teach me how to feed my dog!

Customer Reviews


This course was simply phenomenal. Exactly as you said, I had so many questions at the start. You answered them all! Loved the intro as my vet told me there was no evidence..

Matt - U.K


I have done a few canine nutrition courses over the last year. Not only is this the best by FAR but it's also significantly cheaper!! You're too cheap Dr B!!!

Marie - Ireland


Fabulous. Will go back and listen again and again. So much excellent info...lots of science but delivered in an easy, humorous manner. Excellent value, thanks Conor!

Sofia - California

About Dr Brady

I’ve been doing this for a long time. After five years in Guide Dogs as a trainer and supervisor and then the same again as an award-winning pet food manufacturer, for the last decade I have returned to researching - writing, and reporting on the pet industry from the inside out. 

Dogs First was established to provide pet owners with a source of trusted, no-nonsense, well-researched, factual information. I have no agenda to sell you a specific food product and I will always, always put the dog first.

So grab a pencil and stick the kettle on, we got work to do.

Let's go!!!