The Colossal Role of Nutrition in Canine Behaviour

Anyone that has ever been to kids birthday party will understand – junk food can have a disastrous effect on behaviour. In this course we examine the profound effect good food has on the behaviour of your dog, and why training is not the first solution. In the first half we will discuss the crucial role of fresh protein, vitamins, minerals, fats and bioactive compounds and put to bed some supplement myths. We'll then discuss the critical, largely undiscussed role of a healthy biome in canine contentment and finish with best nutritional advice for a stressed dog.

What you will learn in this course :

Protein & the tryptophan delusion
Good oils, good behaviour
The role of vitamins & minerals
Happy guts, happy head
How dry food impacts the gut flora
First thing to do with a stressed /hyper dog...
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BONUS + All slides used AND handout (with references)

This course comes with a downloadable and printable pdf’s with 3 slides per page for easy note taking and an article covering what we spoke about, with references mentioned. You will also receive a certificate on completion of the course.

Customer Reviews


This is a phenomenal amount of information for €30. You are way to cheap Conor! I've had it on repeat since buying it!!

Paula - U.K


My behaviourist sent me here for help with Gordon, the very over-excited beagle. There has been a surprising and noticeable change in his behaviour. As Conor says in the course - I'm not sure I'd seen my dog properly satiated before.

Barry - Ireland


It's incredible that I'm hearing this information from a guy on the internet and not my trainer or vet. It's so obvious (in hindsight) that a diet full of carbs and chemicals and junk were not helping him. The role of the gut flora was fascinating. I want more!

Les - Florida

Want to feed better behaviour in your pet?!

There are a myriad of reasons why your dog is flghty / stressed / anxious. Who knows what it is. All we are saying that, whatever the reason, a crap diet will not help matters at all. This course, replete with well-researched and factual information, represents years of work in the field. You will gain a greater understanding of their dog’s nutritional needs, and the natural health of their pets.


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Dr Conor Brady – Dogs First


About Dr Brady

I’ve been doing this for a long time – researching, writing, and reporting on the pet industry from the inside out. It’s clear there is a dizzying amount of bad information out there and people are confused.

Dogs First was established to provide pet owners with a source of trusted, no-nonsense, well-researched, factual information. I have no agenda to sell you a specific food product and I will always, always put the dog first.

I guarantee this course is the best information available to you and your dog on the internet right now and by the end, you will be Well Informed to make the best decisions to relieve your dog of their allergies.

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